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Paediatric Chiropractic in Taree

Children have spines and nervous systems just like adults, and it’s equally important to keep their nervous systems functioning without interference. Chiropractic care for newborns, infants and older kids may help restore optimal spinal alignment, alleviate tension in the soft tissues and eliminate interference in the nervous system, allowing the brain and body to communicate optimally.

At Midcoast Chiropractic and Wellness, we’re passionate about helping your little ones thrive with the best health possible.


Our Gentle Approach to Ensure Comfort

Our chiropractor Dr Regan Wilson is a dad himself and offers your infants and children the same gentle care he provides his own kiddos. Using gentle techniques like Activator Methods®, mobilisations and soft tissue work, Dr Wilson ensures that kids are comfortable with the adjustments every step of the way.

He’ll take the time to explain everything to Mum and Dad before getting started and give the child time to get used to our office and all of the equipment.

Assessments for children under six months are focused on reflexes to evaluate how the nervous system functions, their general range of motion through the joints and head motion. We’ll also check for any flattening of the skull and ensure normal spinal curvature development.

What Are Some Benefits of Care?

Because children don’t have decades of musculoskeletal issues accumulated, it’s usually a matter of establishing optimal spinal mechanics so they can grow and develop properly. We also recommend care for conditions like torticollis, tightness in the neck that may be caused by sleeping in the same position all the time or that may arise as a result of the birth process. Ensuring proper biomechanics may also help your child bounce back quicker from any minor injuries sustained while learning to walk or by playing on the playground.

For older kids and those who play sports, chiropractic may help restore optimal alignment to facilitate healing after an injury or to help enhance athletic performance.

Help Your Little One Flourish

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