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Dry Needling in Taree

needles in persons skinAt Midcoast Chiropractic and Wellness, our holistic approach to help you create optimal health focuses on the muscles and other soft tissues of the body and the bones. Since this comprehensive approach addresses the entire joint complex, it may provide more lasting results.

To help you achieve your unique health goals, our experienced chiropractor Dr Regan Wilson will design a care plan that may include things like functional nutrition, exercises and dry needling.


What Is It?

Dry needling is a bit like acupuncture in that it uses very fine needles that are placed in specific areas of the body. But unlike acupuncture, which is focused on improving the flow of energy through the body, dry needling is used to release trigger points in the muscle core. It works by stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanism that helps the muscle relax and release the knots that often cause pain and inhibit optimal movement.

Who Is This For?

Anyone with tight muscles may benefit from this therapy. Although it may help with any tight muscles, it is often especially helpful with chronic, stubborn muscle tightness that’s unresponsive to other therapies.

Based on your initial assessments, Dr Regan will design a care plan to help you meet your goals. If he believes dry needling may help you, he’ll explain what it is, how it works and how he thinks it may benefit you.

What to Expect

We realise that many people are nervous when it comes to needles, so we’ll give you a demo using just one needle, so you can experience what it feels like. For most people, there is no pain when we place the needle. It’s common to experience a slight cramping or twitching sensation when the muscle lets go of the knot.

In some cases, this service may be included as part of your regular chiropractic visit. If we’re going to be addressing a large part of the body, we’ll set up an extended chiropractic visit. The fee for extended visits is $75.

Take That First Step Towards Relief

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